Day off for New Year’s Day in Bulgaria ― Date, History, and Details

Day off for New Year’s Day in Bulgaria

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History of Day off for New Year’s Day in Bulgaria and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

New Year’s Day in Bulgaria is one of the most important holidays celebrated each year. It has been part of the Bulgarian culture for centuries and is a public holiday. The celebration of New Year’s Day in Bulgaria dates back to the pre-Christian era when people celebrated the winter solstice. In the 19th century, it became a national holiday and was officially declared a public holiday by the Bulgarian government in 1912.

In Bulgaria, New Year’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. People typically gather for a feast, exchange gifts and make wishes for luck and prosperity in the coming year. There are also many traditional activities that take place on New Year’s Day such as caroling, decorating homes and businesses, lighting candles, and eating special foods. On this day, fireworks are also set off throughout the country.

On New Year’s Day, people also like to observe old traditions such as burning a log of wood to symbolize purification and warding off evil spirits. In some parts of Bulgaria, it is also customary to jump over burning fire to bring good luck. Other popular activities include drinking champagne, playing games and exchanging greetings with friends and family. To mark the start of a new year, people often gather around a table and share a festive meal. This is usually accompanied by singing and dancing to celebrate the occasion.