New Year Holiday in Uzbekistan ― Date, History, and Details

New Year Holiday in Uzbekistan

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History of New Year Holiday in Uzbekistan and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

The New Year holiday has been celebrated in Uzbekistan for centuries and is regarded as one of the most important holidays of the year. Traditionally, it is celebrated on the first day of Navruz, which falls on March 21st. During this time, people come together to celebrate the start of a new year and prepare for the coming spring season.

On New Year’s Day, families gather around the table and enjoy traditional dishes such as plov (a dish made of rice and meat), somsa (meat-filled pastries), and boorsoq (fried bread). At midnight, fireworks light up the night sky and people exchange gifts and best wishes for the coming year. People also visit their local mosques to pray for a prosperous and healthy upcoming year.

New Year’s Eve is also an important part of the celebration. Families get together and enjoy festive music, dance, and performances. Traditional costumes are worn and sweets and treats are shared among family and friends. On this day, many people make resolutions for the new year and set goals for themselves. To end the festivities, everyone gathers around a bonfire and sings until the fire dies out. This marks the end of the New Year celebrations and the beginning of the new year.