Business Women’s Day ― Date, History, and Details

Business Women’s Day

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History of Business Women’s Day and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

In celebration of Business Women’s Day, we honor the successes and contributions of women in business. This day is a reminder of the progress women have made in the workplace, and a call to action to support women-owned businesses and close the gender gap in leadership.

Despite significant advances, women continue to face challenges in the business world. They are underrepresented in leadership positions, and earn less than their male counterparts. Women of color face even greater obstacles.

But there are signs of progress. More women are starting their own businesses, and women-owned businesses are growing at a faster rate than ever before. And while the gender gap in leadership persists, more women are moving into senior roles.

On Business Women’s Day, we celebrate these accomplishments and recommit to supporting women in business. We also recognize that there is more work to be done to create a level playing field for all women. When women succeed, we all benefit.