Carnival / Ash Wednesday in Czechia ― Date, History, and Details

Carnival / Ash Wednesday in Czechia

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History of Carnival / Ash Wednesday in Czechia and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Carnival (or “Masopust” as it is called in Czech) is a festive season that takes place immediately before Lent. Traditionally, Carnival was a time when people would indulge in all kinds of excesses before the period of fasting and self-denial that Lent represented.

Nowadays, Carnival is still celebrated in many parts of Czechia, although the focus is more on having fun and enjoying oneself than on overindulgence. The main event of Carnival is Ash Wednesday, when people dress up in costumes and masks and parade through the streets.

In recent years, Carnival has become increasingly popular in Czechia, with more and more people taking part in the festivities. This has led to some Ash Wednesday celebrations becoming quite rowdy and even violent. However, for the most part, Carnival is a time for people to let loose and have a good time.