Easter Sunday in Spain ― Date, History, and Details

Easter Sunday in Spain

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History of Easter Sunday in Spain and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Easter Sunday is the day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Spain, Easter is a very important holiday and is celebrated with much fanfare.

The week leading up to Easter Sunday is known as Semana Santa, or Holy Week. During this time, many Spaniards take vacation from work and school so that they can participate in the numerous religious processions and celebrations that take place.

On Easter Sunday itself, Mass is held in churches all across the country. Afterward, family and friends often gather together for a large feast. The most traditional dish served on Easter Sunday in Spain is roast lamb, which symbolizes the Lamb of God.

Easter is also a time for many Spaniards to travel. Many people take advantage of the long weekend to visit relatives or go on vacation. Whatever their plans, Easter is a time for family, food, and fun in Spain.