Family Day in Canada ― Date, History, and Details

Family Day in Canada

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History of Family Day in Canada and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Family Day is a statutory holiday in Canada that falls on the third Monday of February. It is a day for families to spend time together and enjoy winter activities. Many businesses and organizations are closed on Family Day, but some may remain open with reduced hours.

Family Day was first celebrated in Alberta in 1990 and has since been adopted by other provinces and territories. It is not a national holiday, but is recognized in all provinces and territories except for Nunavut, Quebec and New Brunswick.

The origins of Family Day can be traced back to a 1977 report by the Alberta Task Force on the Family, which recommended the creation of a “family day” to be celebrated on a Monday in February. The task force felt that such a holiday would provide families with much needed quality time together, especially during the winter months.

Family Day is sometimes referred to as Heritage Day in Alberta, Louis Riel Day in Manitoba and Nova Scotia, Islander Day in Prince Edward Island, and Family Day in Ontario and Saskatchewan.