Lunar New Year Holiday in Macau ― Date, History, and Details

Lunar New Year Holiday in Macau

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History of Lunar New Year Holiday in Macau and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

The Lunar New Year holiday is an important celebration in Macau, where it is known as the Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. The celebration traditionally centers around family gatherings and feasting. It typically lasts for a period of 15 days, beginning on the first day of the lunar calendar and ending with the Lantern Festival. During these 15 days, there are many activities and customs that take place to mark the occasion.

One of the most prominent customs is the giving of red envelopes, which are filled with money and given to children by their elders. This is meant to symbolize good luck and fortune for the coming year. Other customs include decorating homes with red decorations, setting off fireworks, and exchanging gifts. Additionally, food plays a large role in the festivities, with families gathering together to enjoy traditional dishes such as spring rolls, noodles, and dumplings.

Finally, the Lunar New Year holiday is celebrated in Macau through various performances and events. These include parades, lion dances, and dragon boat races. There are also many temples throughout the city where people can go to pray for good luck and fortune in the upcoming year. All of these activities come together to create a vibrant atmosphere that captures the spirit of the holiday.