Lunar New Year Holiday in Malaysia ― Date, History, and Details

Lunar New Year Holiday in Malaysia

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History of Lunar New Year Holiday in Malaysia and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Lunar New Year is an important holiday in Malaysia and has been celebrated for centuries. Traditionally, the celebration starts with a visit to the temple, where prayers are offered to the gods and ancestors. The Chinese believe that this will bring them good luck and prosperity for the coming year. During the celebration, people also exchange gifts and red packets filled with money as a symbol of luck and wealth.

On the day before Lunar New Year, families gather for a reunion dinner, known as the ‘Yee Sang’ in Malaysia. It is a dish consisting of raw fish, vegetables, condiments and sauces. While tossing the Yee Sang, family members take turns saying wishes for the upcoming year. On the day of Lunar New Year, it is customary for families to visit each other’s homes and exchange gifts.

To observe Lunar New Year, many Malaysians decorate their homes with traditional decorations like lanterns, kites and banners. Firecrackers are lit to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Dragon dances and lion dances are also performed at temples and public celebrations. This is believed to bring happiness and prosperity to all who witness it. People also enjoy traditional snacks like mooncakes, pineapple tarts and other festive dishes during the holiday.