Mother Tongue Day in Estonia ― Date, History, and Details

Mother Tongue Day in Estonia

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History of Mother Tongue Day in Estonia and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

In Estonia, Mother Tongue Day is celebrated on February 21st. On this day, Estonians all over the world celebrate their mother tongue, which is Estonian. The day is also known as the Day of the Estonian Language.

The day is celebrated with various events and activities, such as concerts, plays, and poetry readings, all in Estonian. The aim of the day is to promote the Estonian language and to raise awareness of its importance.

Estonia has a long history of language oppression. For centuries, it was ruled by foreign powers, such as Germany and Russia, who banned the use of Estonian in schools and government. However, the Estonian people never gave up their language, and after gaining independence in 1918, Estonian became the official language of the country once again.

Mother Tongue Day is a reminder of the strength and resilience of the Estonian language, and of the Estonian people. It is a day to be proud of our mother tongue, and to celebrate the beauty of the Estonian language.