National Mojito Day ― Date, History, and Details

National Mojito Day

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History of National Mojito Day and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

National Mojito Day is celebrated on July 11th. This refreshing Cuban cocktail is made with rum, mint, lime, and sugar. Whether you like yours sweet or tart, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a mojito on National Mojito Day!

This holiday started in 2008, when a group of friends in Miami decided to celebrate the mojito’s Cuban roots. They created the holiday as a way to show their love for this classic cocktail. Since then, National Mojito Day has grown in popularity, with bars and restaurants across the country offering special mojito menus and promotions.

So whether you’re sipping on a mojito by the pool or enjoying one at your favorite happy hour spot, make sure to raise a glass to National Mojito Day on July 11th!