National Name Yourself Day ― Date, History, and Details

National Name Yourself Day

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History of National Name Yourself Day and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

National Name Yourself Day is celebrated every year on April 13th. The holiday was created by Dwayne Bunting, who came up with the idea while working as a radio DJ. Bunting realized that many people go through life without ever knowing their true name, and he wanted to help them find their identity.

On National Name Yourself Day, people are encouraged to change their name to something that they feel better suits them. This can be done legally or just for the day. Many people use this holiday as an opportunity to express their individuality and to celebrate their uniqueness.

There are no rules for how to celebrate National Name Yourself Day. Some people choose to change their name for the day only, while others make the change permanent. Some people use the holiday to choose a new name for themselves, while others simply use it as a day to reflect on who they are and what their name means to them.

No matter how you choose to celebrate it, National Name Yourself Day is a day to celebrate your true self. It’s a day to be proud of who you are, and to embrace your uniqueness. So go out there and celebrate National Name Yourself Day in your own special way!