St George’s Day in Spain ― Date, History, and Details

St George’s Day in Spain

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History of St George’s Day in Spain and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

St George’s Day is a public holiday in Spain on April 23rd. It commemorates the death of Saint George, who was martyred in 303 AD.

Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia and his feast day is celebrated with great fanfare in Barcelona and other parts of the region. The holiday is marked by religious ceremonies, cultural events and traditional folkloric celebrations.

In Barcelona, the main event is the ‘Cercavila de Sant Jordi’, a parade that winds its way through the streets of the city centre. The parade is led by a giant effigy of Saint George on a horse, followed by dancers, musicians and people in traditional Catalan dress.

The day is also a celebration of books and roses. Book stalls are set up in squares all over the city and it is customary to give a rose to your loved ones.

In recent years, St George’s Day has become a popular day for couples to get married. Many believe that it is good luck to marry on the day of the saint who is the patron of love and marriage.