St. Wenceslas Day in Czechia ― Date, History, and Details

St. Wenceslas Day in Czechia

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History of St. Wenceslas Day in Czechia and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Saint Wenceslas Day is a public holiday in the Czech Republic. It is celebrated on September 28th, the day on which Saint Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemia, was assassinated in 935.

Saint Wenceslas was a Christian prince who ruled over Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) from 921 until his death. He was known for his piety and for his defense of the rights of his people. In 935, he was assassinated by his brother, Boleslav, who then became the Duke of Bohemia.

Saint Wenceslas is the patron saint of the Czech Republic, and his feast day is celebrated with special reverence. On Saint Wenceslas Day, Czechs traditionally attend church and give gifts to children and the poor. In recent years, the holiday has also become a time for political demonstrations and speeches.