World Ovarian Cancer Day ― Date, History, and Details

World Ovarian Cancer Day

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History of World Ovarian Cancer Day and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

World Ovarian Cancer Day is an international day of awareness and action for ovarian cancer. The day is observed on 8 May each year.

The day was established in 2013 by the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition (WOCC), a global alliance of over 90 ovarian cancer charities from around the world. The day is observed to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, promote early detection and improve treatment options for women with the disease.

In 2020, the theme for World Ovarian Cancer Day is ‘Listen Up: Early Detection Saves Lives’. The theme focuses on the importance of early detection of ovarian cancer, which can significantly improve survival rates.

There are several ways to get involved in World Ovarian Cancer Day. Individuals can raise awareness by sharing their story, donating to a relevant charity or taking part in fundraising activities. Organisations can also get involved by hosting events or promoting awareness through social media and other channels.