Day off for Easter Sunday (Orthodox) in Albania ― Date, History, and Details

Day off for Easter Sunday (Orthodox) in Albania

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History of Day off for Easter Sunday (Orthodox) in Albania and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Easter Sunday in Albania is an important religious occasion that has been celebrated for centuries. It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is observed by Orthodox Christians around the world. In Albania, Easter Sunday is a public holiday and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy.

The history of celebrating Easter Sunday in Albania dates back to the 5th century when Christianity was first introduced to the country. Over time, the celebration became increasingly popular, particularly among the Orthodox Albanians. Today, Easter Sunday is one of the most important Christian holidays in Albania. It is traditionally celebrated with large family gatherings, festive meals, and church services.

To observe Easter Sunday in Albania, people attend special church services that include liturgies and hymns. Many families also decorate their homes with brightly colored eggs, which symbolize the rebirth of Jesus. On the day of the holiday, people also exchange gifts and share traditional Easter cakes. After the religious services, families gather for a large feast that includes traditional dishes such as lamb, cheese, wine, and baklava. This is followed by a variety of fun activities like egg hunts and egg rolling games. Finally, the day is concluded with fireworks and singing of religious songs.