El Día de la Raza in Belize ― Date, History, and Details

El Día de la Raza in Belize

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History of El Día de la Raza in Belize and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

El Día de la Raza is a holiday celebrated in Belize that marks the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. It is celebrated on October 12th and honors the history, culture, and heritage of Latin American and Caribbean countries. The holiday is also known as Discovery Day in some parts of the country.

The celebration of El Día de la Raza began in Belize in the late 19th century by immigrants from Mexico and Central America who brought with them their own traditions and customs. The holiday was officially declared a national holiday in Belize in 1991 and is observed across the country.

To observe El Día de la Raza in Belize, people typically gather in public squares to listen to speeches and performances. Festive music, dance, and traditional food are also important part of the celebrations. Many towns and cities also host parades featuring brightly colored costumes and floats. In addition, many schools have special events to commemorate the day such as lectures and discussions about the history and culture of Latin America.