Estelle Reel Day in United States ― Date, History, and Details

Estelle Reel Day in United States

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History of Estelle Reel Day in United States and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Estelle Reel Day is an important day in the United States to recognize the impact of Estelle Reel, a pioneer in the field of education. Estelle Reel was born in 1877 in Arkansas and moved to California in 1900. She became the first African American woman to serve as a school principal in California, when she was appointed principal of San Francisco’s Washington Grammar School in 1915. Estelle Reel went on to be appointed the first African American superintendent of schools in the United States in 1926, and she retired from that position in 1947.

Estelle Reel Day is celebrated annually on April 27th in honor of her accomplishments. On this day, people across the United States come together to remember and celebrate the achievements of Estelle Reel. Events can include special lectures, seminars, and workshops about Estelle Reel and her contributions to education. Schools often invite guest speakers to talk about Estelle Reel’s legacy and the importance of education for all people. Community members are encouraged to join in the celebration by visiting local libraries or museums to learn more about Estelle Reel.

On Estelle Reel Day, people also take time to appreciate the importance of education in their own lives. People can reflect on Estelle Reel’s example and commit to supporting educational opportunities for others. They can also take action by volunteering at a local school or library, donating to educational organizations, or advocating for more equitable access to quality education. Estelle Reel Day is a time to celebrate the work of Estelle Reel and to recognize the value of education in our society.