March Equinox in Pakistan ― Date, History, and Details

March Equinox in Pakistan

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History of March Equinox in Pakistan and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

The March equinox occurs when the Sun crosses the celestial equator from south to north. This happens on the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of fall in the Southern Hemisphere. In Pakistan, the March equinox occurs on the 21st or 22nd of March. On this day, the amount of daylight and nighttime are nearly equal all over the world. The word “equinox” comes from the Latin words for “equal night.”

At the equinox, the Sun rises due east and sets due west. It is said to be “at the zenith” at noon. The days and nights are of equal length all over the world. The Sun’s path (the ecliptic) intersects the celestial equator at two points called the equinoxes. The March equinox is also known as the vernal equinox or spring equinox.

In Pakistan, the weather starts to become warm and sunny around the time of the March equinox. People start to wear lighter clothes and spend more time outdoors. The flowers start to bloom and the trees start to get new leaves. The March equinox is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.