Mother’s Day in Switzerland ― Date, History, and Details

Mother’s Day in Switzerland

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History of Mother’s Day in Switzerland and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Mother’s Day in Switzerland is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This special day was first observed in Switzerland in 1917, when the Swiss government declared it a national holiday to honor mothers. Since then, this day has been designated as a time to recognize and appreciate the important role that mothers play in the lives of their families.

On Mother’s Day in Switzerland, people usually give flowers or small gifts to their mothers. They also take the time to spend quality time with their mother, either by having lunch or dinner together or going for a walk. Some families also like to send cards or letters expressing their love and appreciation.

Another way to observe Mother’s Day in Switzerland is to participate in one of the many events held throughout the country. These include special concerts, parades, and art exhibitions dedicated to mothers. Many churches also hold special services where people can come together to celebrate the contribution of all mothers. No matter how it is observed, Mother’s Day in Switzerland is an opportunity to let mothers know how much they are loved and appreciated.