New Year’s Eve in Lithuania ― Date, History, and Details

New Year’s Eve in Lithuania

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History of New Year’s Eve in Lithuania and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Lithuania celebrates New Year’s Eve, or Kalėdos, with a festive meal and special customs. The meal often includes herring, potato salad, various meats, and cream-filled pastries called kūčiukai. Families often exchange gifts, and children often receive small presents from Santa Claus or other Christmas characters.

One popular custom is to pour a little bit of wine or champagne into each person’s glass before the first toast. This is done in order to ensure that everyone has a “lucky” drink for the new year.

Another popular custom is for people to write their New Year’s resolutions on pieces of paper and then burn them in the fireplace. This is done as a way of releasing the old year and starting fresh in the new one.

People often stay up late on New Year’s Eve to watch the midnight fireworks displays. Some cities also host special New Year’s Eve parties or concerts.