Orthodox New Year in United Kingdom ― Date, History, and Details

Orthodox New Year in United Kingdom

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History of Orthodox New Year in United Kingdom and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Orthodox New Year, also known as the “Old Style New Year”, is celebrated on the 1st of September in the United Kingdom. This date marks the start of the Orthodox liturgical year and is also the day on which the Orthodox Church commemorates the Creation of the World.

The Orthodox New Year celebrations in the UK typically involve special church services, feasts and other festivities. Many Orthodox churches will hold a vigil service on the eve of the New Year, which includes the singing of hymns and the reading of Scripture. On the day of the New Year, a Divine Liturgy will be celebrated, during which prayers will be said for the health and well-being of all people.

After the liturgy, it is customary for Orthodox Christians to exchange wishes of a Happy New Year and to share gifts with family and friends. Traditional foods such as kutia (a wheat pudding), pryaniki (gingerbread cookies) and honey cake are often eaten during the celebrations.

In recent years, the Orthodox New Year has become more widely celebrated in the UK, with non-Orthodox people also taking part in the festivities. This is a reflection of the growing popularity of Orthodox Christianity in the country.