St. Anthony’s Day in Portugal ― Date, History, and Details

St. Anthony’s Day in Portugal

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History of St. Anthony’s Day in Portugal and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

St. Anthony’s Day, also known as the Day of Saint Anthony, is celebrated on June 13th in Portugal. The day commemorates Saint Anthony of Padua, a Portuguese Franciscan friar who was known for his miracles and preaching. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of Portugal and is often invoked for help in finding lost objects.

On St. Anthony’s Day, many Portuguese people attend mass and light candles in honor of the saint. In some parts of Portugal, particularly in the city of Lisbon, there is a tradition of giving out small pieces of bread called “Pão-de-Santo” (Saint’s Bread) to those who attend mass. The bread is often blessed by a priest and is said to have special powers.

In recent years, the celebration of St. Anthony’s Day has become increasingly popular among non-religious people in Portugal. Many bars and restaurants offer special menus and discounts on June 13th, and the day has become an opportunity for socializing and partying.