V.C. Bird Day in Antigua and Barbuda ― Date, History, and Details

V.C. Bird Day in Antigua and Barbuda

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History of V.C. Bird Day in Antigua and Barbuda and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

V.C. Bird Day is a public holiday in Antigua and Barbuda, celebrated annually on April 29th to commemorate the birth of the nation’s first prime minister, Sir Vere Cornwall Bird. It was established in 1989 by the government of then Prime Minister Lester Bird as a way to honor his father’s legacy and commitment to democracy and social justice.

The day is marked with official ceremonies, parades, and other events throughout the country, particularly in the capital city of St. John’s. The main event takes place at the V.C. Bird Monument in St. John’s, where officials lay wreaths and make speeches to commemorate the man and his accomplishments. Other activities include traditional music, dance performances, and cultural displays.

To observe V.C. Bird Day, people in Antigua and Barbuda can join in the festivities or simply take some time to reflect on the nation’s history. They can also visit the V.C. Bird Monument to pay their respects, or spend the day learning more about the island’s culture and traditions. Some people might also choose to wear traditional clothing or take part in a local parade in honor of V.C. Bird.