All Saints’ Day in Senegal ― Date, History, and Details

All Saints’ Day in Senegal

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History of All Saints’ Day in Senegal and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

In Senegal, All Saints’ Day is celebrated on November 1st. It is a national holiday, and it is also a day when people remember and honor their ancestors. There are many traditional customs and activities that take place on this day.

People usually start the day by going to church. After church, they will visit the graves of their ancestors and clean them. They will also put fresh flowers on the graves. Then, they will have a big feast with their family and friends. This feast is called the “grande bouffe”.

During the feast, people will eat traditional foods such as rice, fish, and soup. They will also drink plenty of wine. After the meal, people will often sing and dance. The festivities usually last well into the night.