Lakshmi Puja in Bangladesh ― Date, History, and Details

Lakshmi Puja in Bangladesh

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History of Lakshmi Puja in Bangladesh and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

The festival of Lakshmi Puja, or the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, is one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated in Bangladesh. It is held on the full moon night of the Hindu lunar month of Ashwin, which falls between October and November according to the Gregorian calendar. On this day, people invoke the goddess to bring them wealth, prosperity and good luck.

Lakshmi Puja has been celebrated in Bangladesh for centuries, with many families gathering together to perform the puja rituals. The traditional puja involves offering flowers, incense, fruits and sweets to the goddess, as well as chanting mantras and singing devotional songs. Prayers are also offered to Lord Vishnu, who is said to be the consort of Goddess Lakshmi. After the puja, people share the offerings with their family and friends.

In recent years, Lakshmi Puja has gained popularity among the youth in Bangladesh. The celebration now includes music, dancing and feasting. People decorate their homes with colorful lights and rangoli designs, and dress up in their finest attire. During the puja, they exchange gifts and offer prayers for the wellbeing of their families and friends. Following the puja, everyone enjoys a delicious feast, which often includes dishes like sweetmeats, pithas and payesh. After the festivities, it is customary for people to donate to charity in order to give back to society.