Navaratri in South Africa ― Date, History, and Details

Navaratri in South Africa

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History of Navaratri in South Africa and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Navaratri is an important Hindu festival celebrated in South Africa and around the world. It is a nine-day celebration that honors the goddess Durga, the divine mother. The festival starts on the first day of the new moon and ends on the tenth day of the waxing moon. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion by Hindus globally.

In South Africa, Navaratri is celebrated in many ways. People decorate their homes and temples with colorful rangolis and diyas. They also perform traditional puja rituals, sing devotional songs and make offerings to the goddess. On the last day of the festival, an effigy of the demon Mahishasura is set aflame and the devotees chant mantras to seek the blessings of the divine mother.

To observe Navaratri in South Africa, people can participate in various activities such as lighting diyas, visiting temples, taking part in cultural performances and feasting on traditional dishes. In addition, they can also take part in charitable activities such as donating food, clothes and money to those in need. By participating in these activities, one can truly honor the divine mother and celebrate the spirit of Navaratri.