Ridván in Pakistan ― Date, History, and Details

Ridván in Pakistan

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History of Ridván in Pakistan and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

Ridván is a 12-day festival celebrated by Muslims in Pakistan. It marks the end of the Islamic holy month of fasting, Ramadan, and the beginning of the next month, Shawwal. Ridván is considered to be one of the most important festivals in Islam, and is a time for families and friends to get together and celebrate. Muslims believe that during Ridván, Allah (God) reveals himself to the Prophet Muhammad, and that this is a time of great blessings.

During Ridván, Muslims will often decorate their homes with lights and flowers, and give gifts to each other. They may also attend special religious services at their local mosque, and listen to lectures on Islam. For many Muslims, Ridván is also a time to reflect on their own spiritual journey, and to make plans for how they can improve their relationship with Allah.