Special Working Day in Belarus ― Date, History, and Details

Special Working Day in Belarus

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History of Special Working Day in Belarus and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

The tradition of celebrating special working days in Belarus dates back to the Soviet era. For many years, workers have been given public holidays on May 1st (International Workers’ Day) and November 7th (Great October Socialist Revolution Day). In addition, there are several other special working days that are celebrated throughout the country.

The most popular special working day in Belarus is New Year’s Day. Celebrations begin on December 31st with a festive dinner and fireworks displays. On January 1st, people take part in the traditional Maslenitsa celebration, which involves eating pancakes and playing outdoor games. Other popular special working days include Victory Day (May 9th), Independence Day (July 3rd), and Constitution Day (March 15th).

To observe these special working days, people usually gather with their families and friends and celebrate with food, drinks, music, and dancing. People also display flags and banners, attend parades and concerts, and participate in various cultural activities. It is common for communities to organize sports tournaments and other competitions such as chess and singing contests. People often visit museums and monuments to commemorate the significance of the day.