Dragon Boat Festival Holiday in Taiwan ― Date, History, and Details

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday in Taiwan

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History of Dragon Boat Festival Holiday in Taiwan and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

The Dragon Boat Festival is an annual holiday celebrated in Taiwan. It is a day of remembrance, celebration and reflection on the life of the famous Chinese poet Qu Yuan. The festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, which usually falls between late May and early June.

Traditionally, people celebrate Dragon Boat Festival by eating zongzi (a sticky rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves), drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats. Zongzi symbolizes the body of Qu Yuan, while the realgar wine is believed to ward off evil spirits. On this day, dragon boat races are held throughout the country, with teams competing against each other to cross the finish line first.

In recent years, the government has organized large-scale events to promote the cultural heritage of the Dragon Boat Festival. These include concerts, exhibitions, sports competitions, and more. People also engage in activities such as wearing traditional costumes, writing calligraphy, making paper cutouts, and decorating their homes with various decorations. This holiday is an opportunity for people to come together and appreciate the importance of the cultural heritage of Taiwan.