Labour Day in Singapore ― Date, History, and Details

Labour Day in Singapore

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History of Labour Day in Singapore and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

In Singapore, Labour Day is celebrated on 1st May. It is a public holiday to honour the achievements of workers and to promote harmony between workers and employers.

The history of Labour Day in Singapore can be traced back to the Raffles Place riot in 1950, which was sparked off by a dispute between Chinese and Malay dock workers. The riot led to the formation of the People’s Action Party (PAP), which fought for the rights of workers.

In 1961, Singapore became independent from Malaysia and the PAP government declared 1st May as a public holiday. In 1973, the International Labour Organisation recognised Singapore’s commitment to the welfare of workers and granted the country observer status.

Since then, Labour Day has been celebrated annually with various activities such as speeches, forums, exhibitions and carnivals. The focus of these activities is to promote industrial relations and to recognise the contributions of workers to the economy.