Teachers’ Day in Singapore ― Date, History, and Details

Teachers’ Day in Singapore

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History of Teachers’ Day in Singapore and How to Celebrate/ Observe It

The history of Teachers’ Day in Singapore goes back to the 1980s. It was first celebrated on 19 April 1985 to commemorate the birthday of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the country’s first Prime Minister and founder of modern Singapore. Since then, it has become an annual event to honor the nation’s teachers for their dedication and hard work.

To celebrate Teachers’ Day in Singapore, students typically thank their teachers with cards, gifts, and heartfelt messages. Schools often organize special events and activities to show appreciation for all the hard work that teachers put into educating and guiding the youth. These events can include award ceremonies to recognize outstanding teachers, concerts, presentations, and even fun activities such as sports competitions.

Another way to observe Teachers’ Day is to take part in volunteer activities. Organizations like the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) have set up programmes that allow people to give back to the community by helping out at schools or mentoring young children. This is a great way to show your support and appreciation for teachers who have dedicated their lives to teaching.